Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mike "Dutch" Vandercook

James here.

Things have been fast and furious around here and we're two of three shows down. There are more posts dealing with the specifics of those performances coming in short order but first I thought I'd post one that I'd written a couple of days ago.

And if you complain about these blog posts coming too rapid fire. . .

the show is called "I AM THE MACHINE GUNNER".
Rapid Fire is how we roll.

here ya go. . .
Photo Below: Mike "Dutch" Vandercook

The crew has been toiling in the Ruth Marder Theatre trying to take the technical elements of the show to the next level, and today saw huge leaps forward. Much of this was due to the ingenuity of Mike "Dutch" Vandercook, who once again is proving to be a master of the round hole/square peg relationship. After a few days of frustration and more than a few uttered curse words, Dutch has proved that he's the guy you want in your corner when the bell's about to ring.

Over the course of the two workshops, Dutch has engineered some very interesting and effective pieces of equipment. Pieces of equipment that have been given colorful names due to their resemblance to musical instruments. So far Dutch has whipped up the "Bagpipe",the "Xylophone", the "Harp", and now the "Pan Flute".

Photo Above: Dutch stringing the "Harp"

The music that these instruments make is still under wraps from the general public, but assure yourself that should your jaw ever hit the floor of the theatre while watching "I am the Machine Gunner", then Dutch and his "Pan Flute" probably had something to do with it. He's like a regular Zamfir.


Except that if you ever wind up in a bar fight, Zamfir is not the guy you want by your side.

Advantage Dutch.


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