Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back to it.

James Here.

It’s been a while since my last post but to paraphrase our playwright, “Its time to get back to it.”
The Machine Gunner Crew is back at it – and Operation: Towson has been set in motion. You might remember Towson University mentioned in earlier Bullet Points as the site of our rehearsals in the weeks before Operation: Wordbridge. But while Operation: Wordbridge culminated in one performance, Operation: Towson will give us three solid shots to take the show to the next level. Having three performances this coming weekend (Dec. 4th-6th) gives us an opportunity to tinker with the show, adding new elements while changing some of the old. We’ll use our own instincts and combine them with what we learn from this new audience to set our course for the show’s future.

Photo: Back for Round 2

From my side of things, rehearsals have been extremely productive. Having months between performances has given our creative ideas time to incubate and the results are already showing. The pace has slowed at moments, giving us time to tell the story in a clearer and cleaner fashion. We have also welcomed another set of eyes into the rehearsal room, Towson student and Wordbridge perennial Bob Harris. He gives us a fresh perspective while simultaneously raising questions that we had thought answered months ago. I’m just glad that I am able to work in an environment and with a crew that can afford to keep asking those questions and keep challenging ourselves to make the show as good as possible. When you have the time to create a truly collaborative process, good things can happen.


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