Saturday, June 13, 2009

Operation: Wordbridge, D-Day

James here.

We've been fine tuning our work on Machine Gunner since Dave and I arrived here in Clemson, South Carolina. We've been at it for approximately a week and half and all of our work has led us up to tonight's event - the first audience, the workshop premiere.

8pm tonight the assault begins.
Now its just a waiting game.

We spent the first few days running the script and reworking the blocking to fit the new space. As the week carried on we slowly added more elements: light, sound, costume, etc. We even added some new team members including James "Jamie" Johnson, who brings his own expertise with lighting and some needed experience as an electrician.

Photo: Lighting Designer Jamie Johnson
Note: This photo more represents my poor
photographic skills than Johnson's Lighting

Like the rest of the rehearsal process everyday here has held a new discovery. As we added the technical elements, those discoveries have been tremendously exciting. I am sworn to secrecy about the particulars of certain moments (its currently on a "need to know" basis only) but I can safely say that we all feel secure that we've created something special.

Well. Maybe "Special" is the wrong word.

More like "Badass".

Can't wait to see their faces tonight.
But I have to.

8 hours to go.


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