Sunday, May 31, 2009

Operation: Towson, the final days

During our last two days of rehearsal at Towson University, we were joined by Rebecca Eastman (Costume Designer), Iaeden Hovorka (Sound Designer) and Michael Vandercook (Creative Technical Consultant) to begin technical discussions.

Photo (l to r): David White, Rebecca Eastman, Iaeden Hovorka, Mike Vandercook and James Knight

After nearly a year of research and asking questions of the play on our own, these new voices gave clarity and
validation to many of our choices.

Photo: Asking questions of the script...

After we ran through the show, the team settled in for a production meeting. Ideas gelled and, as has happened so often during this process, the whole team arrived very much on the same page. Questions were answered before they were asked and a general air of excitement and anticipation filled the air as the ideas began to take form and the concept of Machine Gunner began to become a reality.
Photo: Production Meeting, May 27, 2009

After several hours, the team adjourned to take in a ball game between the Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers.

Photo (l to r): the creative team at Camden Yards

Baltimore won.

One more day was left for Operation: Towson

Next up: Operation: WordBRIDGE

The clock is ticking down.

Only 12 more shopping days before the Machine Gunner comes to town.

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