Sunday, June 14, 2009

Operation: Wordbridge, Victory


James here.

The workshop premiere last night was a rousing success. We needed to put the show in front of an audience and last night's group couldn't have been any better. The Wordbridge community proved to be just the right mix of comraderie and criticism. Their feedback and insight will no doubt fuel us in the next few months before we workshop the show again this December at Towson University.

the Bellamy Theatre's black cinder-block walls proved just the right back drop for our kind of carnage
photo by S. Coley

I think everyone invovled would agree that we've got something good on our hands, and after what we learned last night, its only getting better.



photos above and at top by S. Coley:

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  1. It was good from the very first read. I can't think of a better match for this play's devilish intensity. I hope I get to see you in the work again!