Thursday, September 9, 2010

Operation Charm City: Crashing the Air Waves

James here.

"a loud and frightening effect. . . that looks and sounds as dangerous as almost anything I've ever seen onstage"

Yeah.  That's what I'm talkin' bout.

Thanks to J. Wynn Rousuck, the theater critic of WYPR who gave us that little bit of praise for our show.  Actually, her review  gave quite a lot of praise for both our production of "I am the Machine Gunner" and for Klavdiev himself.  She referred to Klavdiev's language (translated by our good friend and collaborator John Freedman) as "graphic, gruesome. . . (with) a muscular poetic quality" and called him "a powerful writer with a dark gift for depicting violent struggles."

The review does contain a few minor spoilers, however, so if you want to guarantee a fresh experience, you might want to hold off on listening until after you've seen the show.  And fresh is the order of the night according to Rousuck:

"Fresh and startling, I am the Machine Gunner is an excellent way to launch the new season at the Theatre Project".

Thanks WYPR, for helping spread the word on something we believe so strongly in.

Now lets hope it gets more people in those seats and takes this thing out of Baltimore with the BANG it deserves!


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