Friday, September 10, 2010

Operation Charm City: Blot out the "Sun"

James here.

"Machine Gunner hits target at Theatre Project"

Not my words. 

That was the headline for our review in the weekend arts section of the Baltimore Sun.  Now let’s hope that raises some eyebrows and gets some more people through the front door.

With those two glowing reviews (see the previous post for the WYPR clip), things have started off with a bang in the second week.  Dave returned from a quick trip to Moscow at Lubimovka, a Russian playwrights festival, and has come back to a tighter and more dynamic show.

During his trip to Moscow, Dave also acquired a copy of “Contemporary Dramaturgy” a periodical journal of modern Russian playwrights.  Particularly of interest was his essay on I am the Machine Gunner’s playwright, Yury Klavdiev.  I’ve included a photo of the essay below.  Although it’s written in Cyrillic, you may be able to discern one word of English.

Photos:  Dave M. White's essay on Klavdiev "Atom Smashing Playwright" 

Yeah.  I guess “badass” needs no translation.

Maybe that’s why people love this show.


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