Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Operation Golden State: Raising the Red Flag

James here.

We’re about to head into the theater for our second day of load in.  At some point today, we’re expecting a truck to drop off some major elements for the show, including the background flats and the Black Widow.  We hope for a productive day, but a lot depends on that delivery truck.

And who knows what government watch lists we might have been put on in the last few years that might hold up our shipment.  I’m pretty sure that when you start getting the hardcover Cabela’s catalogue (as we do now) and you’re not a gun retailer, you start to raise a couple red flags here and there.

Which leads me to this quick story.

Jamie and Rebecca flew out of Baltimore two days ago, with not only their own personal items, but a large portion of the show in tow as well.  Now, maybe it was the few errant bullet casings that they found in Jamie’s backpack (the casings are starting to get everywhere, between the sofa cushions, in the heating vents, the dryer – they’re like cat hair), or maybe it was checking things like this. . .

Photo:  What could the TSA possibly have a problem with?

Who can tell for sure?  But it was more than a few detection wands, cotton swabs and rubber gloves before they let the two of them on the plane.
But they made it.
In one piece, with all the gear in tow. 
Hopefully the truck manages to deliver with less scrutiny.


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