Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seven Days and counting. . .

James here.

Just returned from another Baltimore Blitz.  I've spent so much time recently in the back and forth they should give me a brass plaque on the bus armrest.

We've got one week to go before the premiere and all pistons are firing now.

The production crew has almost all gathered and we spent a good couple of hours together, revisiting the piece and synchronizing our ideas for the task at hand.  Dutch Vandercook and Jamie Johnson (Lighting) have been working together on other projects during the summer months and seemed glad to put Machine Gunner back on the front burner.  Although we've been in constant contact over the last few months, its nice to have them with us physically as we turn up the heat on this baby.  With our stage manager Cat Hagner back with us as well, I think we're all feeling the familiar joy of running the Machine Gun.

 Photo:  Mario Iati's poster design surrounded by a halo of spent casings.
Rebecca and I papered a few more districts of Baltimore with the poster.

Dave and I spent a good chunk of time rehearsing and polishing, taking a break for a City Paper photo shoot with photographer Jefferson Steele.  The shoot happened relatively last minute, as I arrived in Baltimore on his deadline, and the photo (accompanying the interview conducted last week) is set to run in next week's issue.  Despite it being a last minute affair, I think the end product is going to turn out very well.  When he heard what our show was about Jefferson took us under a bridge in Baltimore, where he could fire a couple of shots in front of a large swath of graffiti.  I'll be sure to post a link as soon as it drops.

One week to go before the green light on Operation: Charm City.

Its sure to be a fast and furious seven days that, for me, can't come soon enough.


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