Saturday, July 31, 2010

Strategy Session

James here.

With just over a month to go before our opening, direktor Dave White visited NYC for a strategy session.  We discussed how we can take the show to the next level and get it ready for what has been codenamed Operation: Charm City, the English language premiere  of I am the Machine Gunner at The Baltimore Theatre Project.

Among the topics discussed were possible changes to many of the design elements:  distressing the costume, different tattoo options, changes to the lighting scheme, and new flats to hang on the set.  During Operation: Towson we made use of two long vertical hanging flats that featured Soviet era propaganda posters partially hidden by modern day Russian newspapers.  Although we all agreed that the flats were a good idea (both visually and thematically), there was definitely room to improve on their design.  We'll look to use the same idea but incorporate some new posters and balance them a little more visually.

Both Dave and I have a number of different posters we bought on our trip to Moscow, but we'll wait until the entire creative crew is together before making the final judgement. I've taken a photo of many of them together and pasted it below.

Photo above:  New poster options we are entertaining for the flats.  The flats are one of many elements we are looking to execute more cleanly for the opening.
After talking with Dave again and refocusing on the show, it has once again ignited my passion for this project.  If you are anywhere near Baltimore on Labor Day weekend or the week thereafter, I urge you to come out and see what will be an unforgettable night of theater.


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